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Episode 29 - Damian Rucci / Charles Joseph 3-28-16

March 29, 2016 @ 2:00 am

I was up to things this week when I ventured out to a "Reading" in Asbury Park, going by the name, "Words on Main".  Catch me street interviewing people as I corner Charles Joseph to figure out what his motivations in all this are and hear about a scene that's being stoked like a brush fire by all the poets involved.  Damian Rucci actually sets fire to your ears with his fire breathing approach to what I'd call, "Stampede" poetry.  Stampede, because you may find yourself involuntarily darting to the nearest corner, scuttling off to avoid being trampled. Poetry, because the flood teeming from this Reading Rainbow word wizard's mouth are mesmerizing like a lit torch to a bank robber. Updates on what I've been up to are included and stick around for my, "Today in This Week's News, Monthly", segment.


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Episode 28 - Drew Murphy of Hammer Fight 3-13-16

March 14, 2016 @ 12:35 am

HAPPY MOTHALOVIN' PI DAY YOU CIRCLE-SUCKIN, SQUARE-PEGGED, CIRCUMFERENCE-STEALIN', DIAMETER-DORKS!!! I'm back and you probably didn't even realize I was gone.  That's right. I was off finding myself and realized I was already there.  Where you ask? Down in the Sungeon with lead singer/bass player of the thrash metal outfit, Hammer Fight.  Hear how his humble beginnings and dodgings of hate-crime styled pummelings led him to where he stands today.  Front-and-center of the scariest, loudest, fastest and sometimes downright offensive bunch of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  Pre-order their upcoming release, Profound and Profane, wherever you find music and power these guys out of the two-thousand teens and into our very own roaring twenties. 


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